………Sometimes who teaches us the most about kindness and humanity isn’t even human. For us, this is you Deuce. You have been a part of our family when we were one family living under one roof. You continued to be a part of our family after we were still one family but living under 2.

          You have been Tj’s best friend for his entire childhood life, he doesn’t have a chapter of his life without you in it. Jeremy, found comfort in you when he was feeling socially anxious, for him you were the most perfect dog, because you always knew his heart. And for Daniel you have been his keeper, his salvation, his eyes and ears when his failed him so, he has never known such a faithful companion. And for me….. oh deuce for me you have been the guard of all things that go boom in the night. You have slept on the foot of my bed when I couldn’t lay still because of my anxiety. You’ve listened for the sound of my heart beat, you’ve laid your head on my lap in desperate attempts to calm my irrational fears. You’ve loved me when I would take you out running, and you’ve loved me when I’ve been on the floor in tears. You always liked my cooking when not everyone else did, I thank you for that. But most of all I thank you for being a best friend to both my kids. And I thank you for saving their dad, for giving him purpose, love and a friendship. There are so many humans that will leave this earth without being 10% of what you have been for us. Deep down we all knew you wouldn’t live long enough to make it through every chapter of our lives, but we hoped so. Thank you for waiting by the window all day on Tj’s first day of kindergarten…. Thank you for making him feel like he was the most loved 5 year old when he walked in the door. You will always be his goosey-baby. Thank you for sleeping outside of Jeremys bedroom door when he was scared of sleeping in his own room. Thank you for walking tj to the bathroom in the middle of the night when he was being potty trained, and he was afraid of the dark. Thank you for saving our lives from all those cats, birds, rabbits, and squirrels…. Maybe you were right, maybe they would have killed us all. Thank you for being patient, loving, and safe. You will miss the chapter of Tj going to middle school, and Jeremy graduating high school and going off to college. I always envisioned you in the car the day we dropped him off at his dorm. Me and you won’t get to share a new cap and gown picture, we won’t get to celebrate another cold Christmas with you sleeping next to the tree.  While you will miss these chapters, I hope somewhere in doggy heaven you too get a replay of your life as a dog, and I hope you see how dearly you were loved.  I hope that wherever dogs go after they leave this terrible earth is wonderful, full of open fields, and parks that don’t require leashes, and stuck up humans aren’t allowed. I hope you get to run free and fast, and most of all I hope here and there you think of us.


Missing you in every chapter that will follow, I hope you meet me at the gates…. Because that’s how I’ll know I’m safe…..

-Your human mom.

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