Karma! What took you so long?!

Interesting the way the world works, you ever sit and wonder what happens to all those people that do us wrong? When does karma come pay them a visit? I’ve been wondering this lately. See for me, moving on in a new relationship is so difficult. I mean think about it? There is no guarantee that I wont marry someone like my ex, or that with time he wont turn into someone like my ex. My therapist says this is when “risk” comes in, because every relationship requires a risk. My therapist also told me to flush my Xanax, I mean what a waste! She’s clearly not invited to any parties in my near future! With that said, she offers me great advice, I will never have a guarantee that a relationship will work out. The shitty part about this situation is that I didn’t do anything to deserve being in this position anyway. This starting over crap, this is all D’s doing, hes the one that destroyed everything good in his path. And while he went on his life being a lying, drunken cheater, well I had to figure out how to pick up the pieces of the shattered person he left behind. I’ve come a long way, I can look at myself in the mirror now and see this new woman. A much stronger, wiser, but also angrier and colder woman. But none the less this is who hes turned me into, this is what his actions have done to me. That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss who I used to be, because lord knows I do. She was kind, and loving, a hopeless romantic, she was a giver, unselfish, and god she loved that man so much…. I miss that girl, that idiot who gave all she had to a man who didn’t value who she was. But at least that girl had something to give. This one… well she can only hand over pieces of herself now. Fucked up broken pieces. So what price does he pay? or does anyone who causes so much hurt onto someone? Well it may take sometime for karma to come pay a visit, but oh when it arrives…. it arrives. Ever wonder why things aren’t going as planned? legal trouble? seeing your kid less than 100% of their life? or the kicker, the one you cheated with has no intention of ever marrying you? I mean this surprises you? because it doesn’t surprise me! It’s like the side hoe who expects the man to leave his wife and marry her, even if he leaves her he sure as hell isn’t gonna marry the hoe! Men like women aren’t stupid, I would never marry a man who had an affair with me while he was married. I mean if you’re a lying cheating whore (male or female) the other person engaging in your disgusting acts knows this about you. So don’t be shocked when they hit you with a ” I never want to get married, don’t believe in it, or I’m not ready” its all a kind way of saying “you aren’t worthy of making an honest woman or man out of, because I’ve seen your true whoreish ways, and you disgust me” So all we can do is move forward and enjoy the show, enjoy karma giving them what they deserve. As for me, well I’ll find someone who takes the pieces of my fucked up self and considers them enough for now. And so should you dear readers.

“See while you were busy turning the page….. I was busy burning the entire book”

I love you all,