Well ladies and gents, I have finally understood why people call it baby momma drama, or just drama! I don’t know how many times I have listened to my friends vent about their boyfriend/husband’s ex wife, girlfriend, or worse…. the baby momma! An entire different beast all in itself (in this case a fat beast covered in cellulite lol). You know which one I’m talking about, the one that “Doesn’t  care about you” yet she stalks your FB, Insta, and now your blog too. Lets call it what it is, if you don’t care about me, if you don’t like me, but you still watch everything I do, bitch I’m flattered, I’ve always wanted a fan HAHA. So here I am venting to you world, saying…. You were right about all your warnings. There is nothing worse than watching someone you care about being treated like garbage by someone who used to be a part of their life. Its frustrating, makes you angry, makes you defensive. See I was foolish enough to think I cracked the code! If I stayed out of all arguments, kept my opinion to myself, never stepped on anyone’s toes, and was always kind and graceful to any children involved, well then I cracked the code. I am now exempt from any backlash and any shit talking the baby momma could throw my way. Until I WASN’T! Instead I was drug into a problem that I have nothing to do with. To the point even my blog “Why men are like breakfast food” was brought into question. Apparently my creative writing, and hilarious views on life, and many of your stories make me a “whore” or something, or the baby momma comes off like I have this entire other life. While funny and ridiculous, it is also insulting. I appreciate all you 10,654 followers, your ideas, comments, and request for topics! I love you all. But once again my easy going nature has proven to come back and slap me across the face. Apparently being Switzerland got me no where! Here’s the funny thing about humans tho. We tend to lash out when we are backed into a corner, when our bullshit has caught up to us to the point where all we can do is point the finger at the new woman in the pic. However; you can get the hell out of here with that garbage. See I may be a creative writer with a smart mouth but you? well you know who and what you are. See here’s the thing,  I may be silent and respectful in your presence but you know what I’m not? a whore and your doormat. See I’m no saint, I like every one else am a sinner. But my expressive writing has zero to do with it. I get to walk with my head held HIGH because during my ten years of marriage I was a WIFE! I respected my husband, our marriage, our family and most of all myself and my children. I get to walk through my life and never have my children call me a “cheater” or blame me for the fall of their family. I will carry any cross in this lifetime you hand me, I will be a bitch, a cunt, and stupid ass feminist. I will be anything, but in my kids eyes I will NEVER be the bitch that valued cock more then I valued them. The problem with the world is we love to point the finger at other people instead of owning out shit. In my blogs, as you all see I OWN my shit. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I don’t use excuses for my behavior and my way of coping with my hard times. I simply say “Yup I fucked up, and sorry if you don’t like it.” done deal. As an adult you cant go through life excusing your behavior and choices by blaming other people for it. That is to say, if your a cheating whore (male or female) you cant blame your abusive past! your daddy beat you? your mom yelled at you? your mom didn’t care if step-daddy touched you? your mom chose her boyfriend and sent you into foster care?  None of these excuses as an adult are valid. They may make you fucked up, but they aren’t excuses. This is when being a self aware adult comes in! you had a rough life, fair, get some help, go to therapy, work through your shit. Don’t sit there and contaminate everyone else with your bullshit and hatred because daddy touched you or smacked you around one too many times. No! own your past as painful as it is and do something about it. Because pointing fingers at me wont make you a better person, a better mother, it wont erase the whore you were, nor will it give you redemption. So you fight your battles over there, and I will fight mine over here,Silently as an adult should. You don’t get a special pass to talk shit because you gave birth to a child. Most woman can do that, its nothing special. If I give you an ounce of respect its due to the person I care about, and it has zero to do with you, or who you birthed. But don’t take my kindness for weakness. In the words my dear friend…….

Mic Drop! and I’m out this bitch!!!!!!!!!!!





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