It’s That Complicated “Love”

Ever wonder why certain people are placed in our lives? I know I do. More specifically MEN. The man you want to keep, the one you want to forget, the one you wish you could forget, the one you long for, the one you miss, the one that drives you crazy, and of course the one who you are constantly drawn back to. The one you can’t explain. Now dear readers, this man isn’t one i’ve necessarily blogged about before, we shall call him Mr.Z. He isn’t new in my life, but he’s more like the song you have stuck in your head… or maybe the song you haven’t heard in so long but the minute it comes on you know all the lyrics to. This post is long long over due. However; today I was inspired to write about it after all this time. So what is it about this Mr.Z? he isn’t exactly “my type”. So what is my type? lets see…. I tend to like them 5’10, light skinned, dark haired, and not completely jacked… maybe like a Vin Diesel body type but taller. So Mr.Z is really none of the above, easy enough right? Bye Felicia. ONLY NOT SO FAST! There is something ever so stimulating about Mr.Z, something about his intellect. His amazing way with words, he is so smart, and witty, and bottom line kind of a nerd. And even tho time and time again I swore I’d never speak to him again because he wasn’t “my type” the connection remained. He’s the type of man who you can talk to about anything, and get lost in time. The kind that makes you laugh, and calls you out on your shit, but more than anything the type that makes the walls come down. Those moments when you feel real, vulnerable, and hopeful all at the same time. Scary feelings for a woman like me, but clearly I must not be as cold as I think I am. Mr.Z doesn’t buy the bullshit I’m selling. He has been able to see a different side of me that most men don’t ever get the privilege of seeing. Why? I don’t know. Guess it’s those complicated feelings. Paths in life are tricky, they leads us in so many directions, and they cross our paths with so many people. I’ve had the privilege of my path being crossed with Mr.Z. And while I have no idea where my path will continue to lead me, i’d hate to say “He’s the one that got away” So dear readers, I have one piece of advice for you today. If you have doubts about a man, if you just don’t know where its leading, if there is potential, if its a dead end, well WHO CARES! Go for it! enjoy the ride! because you never want to look back and wonder “what if”. Whats the worst that could happen? a heartbreak? Oh honey those are inevitable! so fall in love many times even if its just for one night 🙂


“It is a travesty when two hearts, at different intervals in life, find each other. And although they would otherwise be perfect for each other, they can’t be together, for the timing isn’t right.”

Love you all,



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