Why men are like breakfast food!

Ever sit and wonder why some women love pancakes? waffles? french toast? eggs? omelets? Well if you have, then you know women are confusing as hell! but if we understand one thing, its FOOD! women love food! we turn to food when we are happy, sad, depressed, after a break up, after an accomplishment. You know what else women turn to just like we do food? MEN!  yes, ladies some of you may have just figured out where I’m going with this. How many of us like pancakes? I love me some pancakes…. sometimes in the morning, sometimes late at night. You know what else I’ve loved like I love pancakes? a fuck boy. Now if you know a thing about fuck boys you know they aren’t “real men” I’m about 99% sure they are even made differently, the come from pre-cum. But how many of us don’t like to indulge in a pancake every now and then. We are smart women we know there is no substance in a pancake. Empty carbs, they leave you feeling fat, full, tired, they begin to mess with your self image, eventually your self worth. You see pancakes although good for comfort aren’t good for the soul. There is no substance in them. They are just that. Empty. For those of us that know anything about nutrition we know protein is good for us! Eggs, omelets, something with substance! we also know that making a fancy omelet is so much more work than a cheap quick pancake. Hell you can buy frozen pancakes now in days, 30 seconds and bam you have yourself a quick and easy fuck boy… I meant pancake. But why is it that when we look at a good man, a man with integrity, love, good character. We see a very complicated omelet! so we prefer the pancake. Yet we should be striving to obtain these good men! But ladies if there is one thing we should all keep in mind is nothing good in life comes that easy! Sure the omelet is harder, but aren’t you worth something better than a crappy pancake? If you find yourself in a place in life where the timing isn’t right for eggs, that’s ok too. Indulge in your pancakes! Just remember, you can love on them all you want but only for a night. And when the timing is right I hope you find your perfect breakfast food! Speaking for myself I’ve come to learn that having the right balance of eggs with a pancake on the side is very satisfying. So live your life ladies! live it! love it! be free! and never be ashamed for owning your love of breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I don’t know what to say,” he said

“It’s ok,” she replied. “I know what we are- and I know what we are not.”


Love you all,


(Thank you love, for the inspiration about breakfast today XOXO)



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