God shook his head when he created me, oh but I bet he smiled :)

It has been said that god doesn’t give us who we want in life but who we need. As the months keep passing I learn that this is very true. Hard times also reveal who our true friends are, what I have learned is they tend to be the ones free of judgment but quick to call me on my shit. Its also interesting how the universe draws in new people that you would have never known even existed. People who have gone through the same struggle that I am going through, people that in many ways give me hope. Simply because if they lived through the same heartache what’s to say I cant?  What’s to say I wont heal from this and find inner peace one day. Its as simple as accepting what the universe throws our way, may it be an old friend who comes back into your life, or a random Facebook request from a stranger you never knew existed. We all find our friendships and strengths in the places we least expect them to be, but that is the beauty of this tragic life. If god can take someone from us we never dreamed of loosing, that also means he can replace them with someone we never imagined having. That could be a new man, but in my case its building a solid foundation of friends that give me strength when I need it most. The people who accept me for my wild, crazy, outspoken self, cause if you can’t love me at my worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.




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